"Reign in Blog"

"Reign in Blog"

martedì 6 marzo 2012

sorry guys

Hallo folks
I need to apologize for the deep of my balls sack
for all this empty time without any new post
me and my mates are very busy doin jokes (like changing the status of each other wen we leave facebook open)
or sniffing glue....and worship satan of course...
I promise soon we all put some new stuff up....(and learning better english)
for now I want to say that soon we are goin to be more busy at the shop because now we have a new workstation
so the first one to use it will be.........(drum roll) Mr.MONGA!! the brutalissimo eminentissimo mothrissimo will be sitting his ass on the studio's chair from the 19 to the 22 of march
let's keep in touch with more news soon
and dont forget the cookies!

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