"Reign in Blog"

"Reign in Blog"

martedì 22 febbraio 2011


yes i know, i'm not posting much of my works on the blog. shame on me, i'm a fucker blah blah blah. that's for you greedy people, your sin will send you straight burning in hell soon.

that arm's on a guy from london. i colored almost it in 6 hours. guess have not been so funny for him.
work in progress on my good friend gi joe. it's a cover up of course, there was a ganesh down there.

i finally finished an half sleeve i started a couple of months ago, here's a sneak preview of the whole work. i'll take better picture as it heal properly.
So my folks, seems my job's done for now. Always remember to take a look behind you while walking on dark creepy alleys and to brush your teeths even after lunch. Gigi.

lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

second project

this one I did today on Ylenia
first session more stuff to come...
by Rino

work in progress new projects 1

I start 2 new big pieces this week

Chestpiece by

giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

skull details

Skull details

Back to Skull

Alberto is the man,he get the first piece of the shop and today this two Hooperish skulls
good time and good result

piece by Rino

outlining Polpetta

This guy is the second client of my career
he get the worst tattoos from me ever but still my fan and loyal friend....so,I have to give him the best...or THE BEAST

piece by Rino

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

Puma event -Everything went black-

high quality video about one great night:



sabato 12 febbraio 2011

Puma ink on suede

This week the Peekaboo Tattoo Parlour soldiers goes Puma and collaborate into this project...
go check the almighty GG and Rino have no mercy about themselves