"Reign in Blog"

"Reign in Blog"

giovedì 30 settembre 2010

some day bloody some day


tattoo by: Rino Valente
wound by: the owner himself

lunedì 27 settembre 2010

moth for best friend

Mr Mike Sikes get what he deserve...with love
(people touching each other...in the south)

lunedì 13 settembre 2010

Immortal can suck on this

Mini golf is the black metal thing to do saturday night
Rino HorgHAbbathApollyonDemonaZ Valente and Gigi EmperorMagusCaligulaFagni
prove it!

domenica 12 settembre 2010

Peekaboo!...Mike Sikes will be with us

hey folks
from the 15 of september till the end of the month Mr.Sikes will be into the pit
if anyone of you guys want to get a piece from this amazing artist
just give us a call 3333391420 and you will take with you a little piece of heaven
go check the amazing hand works of Mike Sikes


Peek-a-boo tattoo parlour crew

mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

domenica 5 settembre 2010