"Reign in Blog"

"Reign in Blog"

domenica 22 maggio 2011

XVegan Edge in full effectX

the proud XPOLPEX almost done...
piece by Rino

mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

I am the owl

"I Am The Owl"

I am your plumber
No I never went away
I still bug your bedrooms
And pick up everything you say
It can be a boring job
To moniter all day your excess talk

I hear when you're drinking
And cheating on your lonely wife
I play tape recordings
Of you to my friends at night

We've got our girl in bed with you
You're on candid camera
We just un-elected you

I am the owl
I seek out the foul
Wipe 'em away
Keep America free
For clean livin' folks like me

If you demonstrate
Against somebody we like
I'll slip on my wig
And see if I can start a riot
Transform you to an angry mob
All your leaders go to jail for my job

But we ain't the Russians
Political trials are taboo
We've got our secret
Ways of getting rid of you
Fill you full of LSD
Turn you loose on a freeway


Send you spinning
Send you spinning
Send you spinning all over the freeway
Spinning on the crowded freeway
Spinning on the freeway
Spinning on the freeway

The press, they never even cared
Why a youth leader walked into a speeding car
In ten years we'll leak the truth
By then it's only so much papaer

Watergate hurt
But nothing really ever changed
A teeny bit quiter
But we still play our little games

We still play our little games
We still play our little games
We still play our little games
We still play a lot of games

I am the owl

song by Dead Kennedys
piece by
Rino Valente

giovedì 5 maggio 2011


torch by me

mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

sugar skull of the day

Lot of fun today...this is the result

domenica 1 maggio 2011

Sandrone meet the disquieted one

today we have the infinite pleasure to guest this hidden figure
Sandrone just enjoy his company....

play for me Mermaid

one of my favorite piece this month

some naked women on his harm

lovely and funny piece to do...from my paisa' Arcangelo
(done by me...uhm yes,Rino!)

a bunch of new stuff by Rino

Stefano Diprima's half sleeve done....
by Rino