"Reign in Blog"

"Reign in Blog"

mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010

florence tattoo convention 2010

Ola amigos
the Peek-a-Boo tattoo parlour soldiers will be at the FTC 2010:
we are proud to annunce you that the boot are goin to be packed of awesome artists and good looking guys too...(be ready for a special banner for the event)
first of all Mr el Monga (Mongadeath) Aloha Tattoo from Barcellona with brutality,
a gentle hand into a heavy metal gloves!
Then Mr GiGi Top Fagni from Monsummano (to be honest Pescia!gnamodonnel'e'arrivatoiffioraiiooooo!) in all his height and weight...
and last but not least
Miiiiissssteeeeerrrrr Claudiiioooooo'Claudiano' Beeeeeenvenutiiiiii!!!!
the master of all the tribal lower backs,bikini lines dolphins,celtic armband,sun with glasses in 80's style and wizards with cristal globes is join us!!
we are too proud of it....
so let's have this party start it!
hasta la vista baby

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