"Reign in Blog"

"Reign in Blog"

giovedì 10 giugno 2010

Peek-a-Boo I can see you!

Wen the sun comes down at the end of the day the darkness as come and 3 sinister figure comin out from the swamp,they are the obscure part of the world of tattooing...the first is the Duke GG '' Ill-Ungo'' Fagni,grand magus of black ceremony,master of sleeves with 2 peonys and a skull ,creator of unprobably traditional icons and revolting inner nose searcher.
The second and probably the most evil and sadistic person,the obscure Mistress of the blood suckingripcleaningphoneanswering'' Ill-enia the sade...shes kind of nice lookin but very dangerous with her x-rays glasses...
the last one is simply the ancient one of the 3,the Reverend Steven ''Sieg Hail'' Valente
hyperstached figure and lord of all the 'laughin with close teeth'
right harm of Sandrone Piccabu and creator of all the legends around the shop...
come visit them....and DIE!
(picture by Stefano Diprima)

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